Cooperativa Marismas del Rocío has progressively adapted to the characteristics and evolution of the protected nature reserve that led to the company’s creation, and enjoys the privilege of being able to offer one of the most important activities in Doñana that is open to the public: the Acebuche Centre-La Plancha- Acebuche Centre route in an all-terrain vehicle.

The passing years have given us the necessary experience to understand the needs of visitors, the needs of the human group that runs nature tourism activities in a remarkable setting, and the needs of organising services aimed at the public that are the focus of international attention.

Our work is based on the unique aspects of an itinerary that covers all the most charismatic eco-systems in this nature reserve. The diverse resources that are available on this itinerary: biodiver-sity, natural heritage, cultural heritage, traditions, exploitation, birds and their habitats etc. make it possible to approach this route from endless different perspectives that are adapted to the park’s resources and to the profile of our visitors, even including the option of enjoying the experience in several languages.

Our tours use all-terrain vehicles that are adapted to the territory and have a guide/driver. The route takes approximately 4 hours and passes through one of the most exclusive areas of the National Park: its mobile sand dunes and unspoilt beach. And that’s not forgetting the other ecosystems that are included on the tour: marshland, vera, forests and shrubland, a veritable mosaic of contrasts that give the zone its exceptional landscape value.

Visitas Doñana


A series of ecosystems converge in Doñana to give it a biodiversity that is unique within Europe


Departure point
El Acebuche Visitors’ Centre
Doñana National Park
A-483, Km.37,5
21730 Almonte, Huelva
Opening times
8.30 am to 3 pm Tuesday to Sunday
8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday