Cooperativa Andaluza Marismas del Rocío

Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Marismas del Rocío has been the official agent for tours inside Doñana National Park since 1982.

We have over 35 years’ experience and 14 expert guides who are hugely knowledgeable about Doñana; we are the only official agent to exclusively visit all the ecosystems in Doñana National Park on a unique 80 km route that lasts approximately 4 hours.

Since the very beginning, Cooperativa Marismas del Rocío has worked towards the Sustainable Development of Doñana and has always been ready to support the dissemination and promotion of the ecological, cultural and social values of Doñana.

That is why, in addition to being a pioneer in its specialised guided nature tours, Cooperativa Ma-rismas del Rocío was the first company to be awarded certification for its environmental and quality management, complying with all the applicable requirements in Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 and Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

It also took part in the pilot case to implement quality brand ETIQUETA DOÑANA 21, which differ-entiates companies and products from the Doñana region.

It was later certified as a Natural Park of Andalusia in the “Nature Tourism” category and, most recently, it joined the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Doñana National Park.

During 35 years of total dedication to the sustainable development of the Doñana region we have received several awards and distinctions, including the following highlights:

Business Award for Sustainable Development as a pioneering company for tourism in the Doñana region.
Andalusia Award for Quality Tourism Company.
Award from the Huelva Provincial Council for Tourism given to a pioneering Nature Tourism com-pany.
Special mention from Almonte Town Hall for being a pioneering company in the promotion of tour-ism in Doñana.
3rd Doñana Award for a Sustainable Company.
Prize for Sustainable Development in Doñana Nature Reserve.

Doñana Visitas

At the beginning of the 1980s, the initiative to create Sdad. Coop. And. Marismas del Rocío, as the agent responsible for organising public tours inside the National Park, was the first attempt to con-solidate a local economy linked to the National Park and was a pioneering scheme in Spain.

Looking back, and despite the many errors the company could have made, the project was clearly a big success, a benchmark initiative tied to its homeland that demonstrates it is possible to live off the resources of a National Park without exploiting it.

Today, the Cooperativa is one of many participants in the active and visible group of nature tourism initiatives that have been established in Doñana.

A supply was naturally created when faced with a demand, but it is fair to say that if the National Park management hadn’t placed its trust in local businesses, it is more than likely that many com-panies that operate in the park today, like ourselves, wouldn’t be locally based.

In addition, 2019 will be very special for Doñana because it celebrates 50 years as a National Park and Sdad. Coop. And. Marismas del Rocío would like to carry on collecting experiences, sharing special moments and revealing the magic of our environment to the numerous visitors who pass through our vehicles every day.

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No. seats: 30

Camión Mercedes

Land Rover Defender

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Camión Iveco Eurocargo

Camión Iveco

As a result of our firm commitment to providing a quality service and environmentally-friendly ac-tivities, our fleet consists of modern vehicles that have been specially designed and manufactured for our activity: unique and exclusive tours inside Doñana National Park.

Our UNIMOGA vehicles by Mercedes Benz have a Euro 4000 engine and use a urea tank with a catalyser that injects urea into the exhaust, thereby reducing its pollutants. Some of the most pol-luting gases including carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide and solid particles are reduced by 75% compared with a conventional vehicle, making them the most suitable option for use in an area with a fragile ecology such as Doñana National Park.

Our UNIMOG by Mercedes Benz have all the comfort and safety measures needed to guarantee that our visitors enjoy seeing the varied landscapes of Doñana and its ecosystems and flora and fauna through large panoramic windows; the vehicles comply with all the current legal requirements and are registered in TOURISMO ACTIVO with registration number: AT/HU/00002.


Departure point
El Acebuche Visitors’ Centre
Doñana National Park
A-483, Km.37,5
21730 Almonte, Huelva
Opening times
8.30 am to 3 pm Tuesday to Sunday
8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday