El Acebuche Visitors’ Centre and guided tours in all-terrain vehicles around Doñana National Park work together to bring the heritage of this land to the countless visitors who access its facilities.

The Centre is home to the infrastructure used by Cooperativa Marismas del Rocío (Doñana Visitas) to offer its activities to the public, and it has an area for making bookings while the car park is used as a meeting point for tours before they depart.

This means that the Centre is one of the most visited facilities in Doñana and, in addition to being a departure point for tours, it has a gift and bookshop, and a café, also managed by the Cooperativa.

The Centre is located on the El Acebuche estate and is reached by the A-483 with an exit at kilo-metre 37.5. After crossing the gate onto the estate there is 1.5 km drive to reach the car park.

What services are available?

Reception and information: personalised information.
Guidance about visiting Doñana with information about the range of activities and services open to the public, with brochures about the Nature Reserve available to read and take away.
Interpretation of the heritage value and management of Doñana through personalised customer service or by visiting the exhibitions with an audio guide and viewing audiovisual media.
Promotion of activities and services in Doñana Biosphere Reserve.
Development of programmes and activities linked to Public Use and Environmental Education.

What services are available to visitors?

Services available to visitors include the following:

Car park, divided into two zones, one for private vehicles and the other for coaches.
Recreation area.
Pedestrian paths:
▪ El Acebuche Lagoon: runs parallel to the El Acebuche Lagoon and has a series of wildlife watching hides that can be used to spot different bird species, depending on the season.
▪ El Huerto and Las Pajas Lagoon: takes you to these seasonal lagoons and reveals the attractions of the Mediterranean forest.

What does it contain?

Information point about the Doñana Nature Reserve.
Interpretive exhibition with 5 rooms that contain diverse interpretive resources. The themes are as follows:
▪ Room 1: The eye of the planet, focusing on migrations to Doñana with a video projection.
▪ Room 2: The seasons — a series of video projections on each season, explaining their surprising features, contrasts and continuous changes.
▪ Room 3: The “aviary” — the vera plays a central role as a space of transition between the sand and clay soils.
▪ Room 4: Doñana’s ecosystems are explained using themed videos.
▪ Room 5: A bird’s eye view with a projection from the skies.
El Calamón audiovisual room, video projection of “Porphyrio Calamón: el espía de Doñana”, which shows the characteristics of Doñana’s natural and cultural heritage in general terms and in a fun and educational way.
Gift and bookshop.


El Acebuche Visitors’ Centre has a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious dishes made from local products.

Its unique dining room means that you can appreciate the beauty of the landscape as you sample wonderful local meat and fish dishes with a modern twist that are sure to delight.