Quality policy

Environmental Management Quality Policy

Cooperativa Marismas del Rocío assumes the obligation to incorporate the principles of environ-mental quality and protection into its management and the provision of its services. For this reason, the activity of Cooperativa Marismas del Rocío has evolved to be:

“Guided tours in all-terrain vehicles to the interior of Doñana National Park. Bar/café service. Sale of souvenirs.”

It has been working for the Sustainable Development of Doñana and has defined and put into effect the following principles:

  • Establish quality, understood to mean the capacity to provide a service that meets the client’s ex-pectations, as the end objective of our daily work at Cooperativa Marismas del Rocío. The concept of quality includes implementing environmental protection across all our activities.
  • Assume responsibility as an important part of the image of Doñana and its environment that will be remembered by visitors.
  • Provide our clients with excellent customer service and full information during the process of providing the service.
  • Improve the quality of our vehicles, which are an essential tool for our service.
  • Keep internal procedures up to date so that the service is provided in compliance with the objec-tives that these procedures were designed to achieve: meeting client expectations and minimizing any negative environmental impact.
  • Assess client satisfaction with regard to the services we have provided to identify areas for im-provement.
  • Identify and evaluate environmental aspects that we generate through our activity, products and services, including a life cycle analysis.
  • Comply with environmental and quality legislation and regulations that are applicable to the com-pany and other requirements undertaken by the company.
  • Environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution during our activities.
  • Identify and control operations and activities that are associated to the key identified environmental factors, establishing suitable methods, resources, operating criteria and an environmental perfor-mance assessment process to prevent any negative environmental impact, taking into account the environmental performance of our suppliers and the services that we offer, including, as far as possible, a life cycle analysis of our consumption, the waste from our processes and our activities in general.
  • Establish environmental protection and service quality objectives and continuous improvement targets, producing an Improvement Programme for the development, monitoring and revision of these objectives and targets.
  • Train staff to always apply the policies established in the Environmental Management and Quality Policy, encouraging them to participate through making suggestions and team work.
  • Actively participate in all relevant forums related to environmental issues (Agenda local 21 WWF, SEO, ADENA, ATENA, etc.)
  • Promote environmental education tours, maintain free tours for local schools and continue to col-laborate with Almonte Town Hall to promote the natural values of the Park through the “Almonte conoce Doñana” programme
  • Inform employees and interested parties about the environmental protection activities developed by Cooperativa Marismas del Rocío.
  • Implement and update an integrated management system that complies with the applicable re-quirements in Quality Management Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:20015 and Environmental Man-agement Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015, structuring and adapting it to our specific activity of providing tourism services, to the needs of the client and of the moment.

Fernando Rodríguez Martín

Chairman of Cooperative Marismas del Rocío